Xiotex Studios is all about being creative, Its founder Byron just loves to make games and teaching how to make games.

Byron worked in the mainstream games industry in the UK and Canada since 1996 before finally starting Xiotex Studios in 2007 to make his own games.

Byron teaches "Get into games" a beginners game design course for NextGen Skills academy and The Prince's Trust.

Byron is a trustee of GamesAid, a games industry charity dedicated to helping other children's charities in the UK.

In order to raise money for GamesAid Byron has done stand-up comedy, you can view it here:

You can contact Byron:

Games Byron has worked on:

  1. Blast Em! (PC/MacOS)
  2. Bliss Island (PC/PSP/Xbox 360)
  3. Blocks (IOS)
  4. Caretaker Retribution (PC/MacOS/VR)
  5. Caretaker Sacrifice (PC/MacOS/VR)
  6. Chucks Challenge 3D (PC)
  7. Containment Protocol (PC)
  8. Darwinia+ (PC/Xbox 360)
  9. EA Create (PC/Xbox 360/PS3/Wii)
  10. FIFA (XBox/PS2/GameCube)
  11. Football Manager (PC)
  12. Hungry Shark Evolution (IOS)
  13. Koan (IOS)
  14. Miami Vice (PSP)
  15. Multiwinia (PC)
  16. Mutant Storm Empire (PC/Xbox 360)
  17. NHL (Xbox/PS2/GameCube)
  18. Oddworld New and Tasty (PS3/Xbox One)
  19. Promethium (PC/MacOS)
  20. Rift (IOS)
  21. Robot Unicorn Evolution (PC)
  22. STG (IOS)
  23. Survival Factor (PC)
  24. The Alpha Device (PC/MacOS)
  25. The Movies (PC/XBox/PS2/GameCube)
  26. TOFU Fury (Android)
  27. Wonderworld Amusement Park (Wii)