I love helping people out. So, if you need some help in something that I can help you with then get in touch. Whenever I can I’ll always try to help. If I can’t I’ll let you know, unless I think you’re a bot – I get lots of messages from accounts that appear to be bots.

I’m not a one-stop-shop for answers and solutions to all your problems though. I’m all about teaching you how to solve it yourself. I could just give you the answer but you’re not going to learn much from that so be prepared to work.

There are no quick sure-fire magic tricks to making games or programming. It all comes with practice. I’ve been at this since the 1980’s which means I’ve been practicing a long time. People often comment that I’ve got some magical power or super genius but I don’t – I just work hard all the time.

I do ad-hoc questions for free, especially if they don’t take up much of my time but if you want something more than that, something more formal and regular then get in touch, I’m sure we can work out an arrangement.