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Plane Jam GDC 2013

Going to GDC in San Francisco this year? Going to be stuck on a flight with little to do but watch movies on the in-flight entertainment system or worry about when the meal will turn up? If so then we have the perfect solution for you - join us in Plane Jam and make a game on that flight.


Top prize - a years licence to the Marmalade Indie SDK

The game the judges decide is the best will win a years licence to the Marmalade Indie SDK, there will also be runner up prizes of swag bags full of T-Shirts and other goodies from Marmalade.

"At Marmalade we think the GDC Plane Jam is a brilliant idea: long-haul flights are a great opportunity to focus on a project and the new Lua-based version of our SDK, Marmalade Quick, is perfect for this kind of challenge. The winning entry will get a year’s free Marmalade Indie SDK license and we’ve got some highly qualified judges to make the selection. Good luck to everyone taking part; I look forward to playing your creations when we all arrive in San Francisco." - Tim Closs, CTO of Marmalade.

$500 prize to the best game made with Game Maker Studio

YoYo games are going to give $500 the the best Plane Jam game made using their awesome Game Maker Studio.

“YoYo Games is thrilled to sponsor the very unique and cool Plane Jam. Our team is excited to see what jammers come up with at 30,000 feet and will help select the winners! Good luck everyone and see you at GDC!”

Two copies of Unity Pro

Unity are going to give away two copies of Unity pro to winners of Plane Jam!

1 year Corona Enterprise license

Corona Labs will give away a Corona Enterprise licence (valued at up to $2499), to the winner of Plane Jam. All participants of Plane Jam can receive 2 free months of Corona SDK Pro - please email planejam@coronalabs.com to redeem the offer.

"What better way to spend a few hours of plane flight, than developing an awesome mobile game? We're upping the ante and awarding the jam winner a 1-year Corona Enterprise license. Developers will not only enjoy the rapid development of Corona SDK, they can also integrate native libraries with Corona Enterprise for unlimited development possibilities. We're also offering 2 free months of Corona SDK Pro to any participant who contacts us to redeem the offer. Best of luck to everyone!" - Walter Luh, CEO of Corona Labs and creator of Corona SDK

The rules

The only rule in Plane Jam is that you have to make your game on the flight to GDC San Francisco 2013. The game can take any form you like and you are allowed to re-use any code or assets you want. It doesn't have to be a video game, it can be a card game, a paper based game or a board game. If you are making a video game you can use any system you want like Unity, Marmalade, Flash etc... but if you want to be in with a chance of winning the $500 then you have to use Game Maker Studio. We want you to have fun making it and most importantly we want to have fun playing it.

We are not looking for massive games here, it can be as big or as small as you like. We'll be disappointed if at least one person doesn't try to make 'Snake' on a Plane ;)

We will meet up a the UKIE stand in the GDC Play area at 4pm on the 28th of March. Bring along your games so that we can play them and the judges can decide which are the winners of the prizes! The winners will be announced here.

If you are intending to take part in this then let us know by emailing me byron@fcubedgames.com

The judges

Dr Jo Twist - CEO of UKIE

Jo Twist has been CEO of UKIE since January 2012. Before this Jo was the Commissioning Editor for Education at Channel 4, where she commissioned Digital Emmy-winning -Battlefront II, a stable of games, and social media projects. Previous positions include Multiplatform Commissioner for BBC Entertainment & Switch, BBC Three Multiplatform Channel Editor and she was once a technology reporter for BBC News. With a background in digital media, education, creative technology and youth culture, Jo has a wealth of experience in all aspects of interactive entertainment

Tim Closs - CTO of Marmalade

Tim has over 20 years' experience of commercial software development, and joined Marmalade in 2004. As CTO, Tim has lead the creation and productization of the Marmalade SDK, and continues to drive the company's technology and product strategies. Tim holds a Mathematics degree and Theoretical Physics postgraduate diploma from Cambridge University.

Russell Kay - CTO of YoYo Games

Russell Kay is chief technology officer at YoYo Games, the home of GameMaker: Studio. Russell leads the technical team for the suite of GameMaker: Studio products. Russell has a rich history in the video games industry most notably as one of the creators of “Lemmings” and “Grand Theft Auto.” Russell founded Visual Sciences where he developed EA’s F1 franchise and many other hit titles. Prior to joining YoYo Games, Russell was the senior software architect at Realtime Worlds. Russell is a visiting professor of computer games technology at Abertay University in Scotland and a founding member of the Dundee University Applied Computing Department Industrial Advisory Board.

Walter Luh, CEO of Corona Labs

Walter Luh is Founder and CEO of Corona Labs, the leading Palo Alto-based mobile software company. Corona SDK, the flagship product of Corona Labs, was created by Walter in 2008 and is now used by over 200,000 developers and designers worldwide. In a previous life, Walter was Lead Architect for Adobe Flash Lite, a mobile runtime that has shipped on over a billion devices. During that time, he led the engineering team, pioneered advanced mobile graphics, and jump-started key strategic relationships. Prior to Flash, Walter shipped several industry-standard products for creative professionals including Adobe Illustrator and Apple’s Final Cut Pro. Walter holds an undergraduate degree in Physics from Swarthmore College, and master’s in Computer Science from Stanford University.

People taking part


Bidds is the amazingly talented creator of Stealth Bastard, which some say is an autobiographical recreation of his secret identity.

"If only I'd converted SB to run on Studio, I'd have all that code to re-use, huh?"

You can get hold of Stealth Bastard here: http://www.stealthbastard.com

Shahid Ahmad

Shahid Ahmad is the Senior Business Development Manager with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and a developer of many games back in the C64 days - a real legend!

"I know I’m a past it wannabe dev, but I’m giving serious thought to taking part in @xiotex’s plane jam thing. What the heck."

Shahid is also the founder of Beyond the Final Boss, an inspirational site about how game development professionals encountered bullying but overcame it to win: http://www.beyondthefinalboss.org


You can contact Byron at: byron@xiotexstudios.com